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Of books and airports

I love to travel as much as I love to read. Glad we cleared this up :-)

So, why not buy a book in this lovely Virgin books’ store at the airport?


I have time, it’s just out there, they are beautiful, colorful, nice to touch (yes, I’m reading with the tips of my fingers). Yet… that’s the whole thing: I was frozen by the choice, overwhelmed by the number. I wanted something not too thin (value for money!), but not too thick (traveling only with hand-luggage), I had a certain price-range in mind, I wanted something serious and renowned but could be funny as well, I was hesitating between fiction and not fiction, between novels and extended interviews (which I both love), I wanted Polish and non-Polish. I was even considering buying just a plain notebook to write down my own stuff but I knew I was being opportunistic about it, so finally, finally – I got nothing.


And I’m pretty fine with it. Having to choose was so frustrating!

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