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Multipotentiality and beyond

So, I’ve learned recently that I’m a multipotentialite (everything is on, but no worries, it’s not a disease or anything like that). Multipotentialites have various interests and loads of creative pursuits. Great. I always thought that since I can’t set my mind on anything for more than half an hour – something must be wrong with me. I don’t thrive for perfection, which is kind of a problem in our world. I also often say about me that I go in all directions. But recently, with other people’s help, I discovered it’s not soooo bad after all (for all the reasons Emilie Wapnick explains).

Plus, someone told me recently; they have the impression of going backwards.

Now, going in all directions – even turning in circles – is definitively better than that, isn’t it?

But but but, it doesn’t stop here. So, you’re a specialist or a multipod. Soit. What’s next? Either way, let’s not be afraid of success and embrace our inner wiring!

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