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Morning's meditation

The baby woke up at 4 am and refused to cooperate. We covered all the basics (except feeding because we are trying to stop – or at least limit – the night feeds, but she’d still find it perfectly normal not to sleep at this hour. I finally gave her a bottle at 6, making me by the same a cup of coffee. Since I recently underwent a surgery, I’m also unable to provide Hollywood-level entertainment for he at the moment. Which also means I can’t, for example, clean (now, isn’t it an appealing morning activity?). So I washed my hair and noticed that the baby has fallen in the meantime asleep :-) What does one think about between 4 and let’s say 7 (after checking, of course, your Gmail and Facebook 3 times)? My friends signing a Partnership agreement on Saturday (what the hell am I going to wear?), writing (very excited about having discovered new creative writing venues), how am I going to lift my baby from the floor playmate to the changing table (and vice-versa) without risking an internal bleeding and last but not least – about things. Not things as such but about their number. As a multipotentialite we tend to engage in numerous activities because of our multiple interests but also because of stuff like incapacity to focus, fear of boredom, unfulfilling time management or just inner wiring, and it’s great as long as it makes you thrive. However, at a certain point, you can and will hit a wall. I’ve been discussing it with a good friend but still inconclusive. When does one know when do stop? And why can’t that happen before we actually say yes to someone or before having accepted an invite? Then, if it does happen, is it a failure or are we losing our face if we say "sorry, no can do"?

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