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Dream come true?

Couldn’t sleep again. This time only partly because of the baby.

As a PhD in literature, I’ve been offered recently to write 20-page summaries of classical and contemporary novels. Basically I’ve been offered to become a real author! Sounds like a dream to anyone who’s into writing, reading and writing about reading, doesn’t it? The thing is that it's for peanuts, plus you must acquire the book you analyse yourself. I’ve tried to negotiate, but I’ve only heard “all the authors should be treated equally”.

So you need to be a graduate, you need to buy the book, read it, read about it, read about the context, write about it, write about the context, analyse thoroughly the characters, the possible outcomes, directions, associations, facts and factoids, spend I don’t know how many hours on a written concise analysis for peanuts.

Now, all the adjectives I know could not possibly render how I feel :-)

Is it me or is this totally misplaced? Is it even possible to live out of literature??

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