Was going not to do it any longer.

Not because I’ve stopped reading or writing – on the contrary – I’ve read and wrote like never before. Until it became too much. I was drowning under the amount of information I needed to process, newly discovered authors and rediscovered authors.

I was in a state of perpetual intellectual excitement.

I also came to the conclusion splitting my private life from my reading/writing endeavours is far from being doable. Not wanting to just keep on repeating myself (in a different language), I thought that the best way is to end this blog.

It was too early, it lacked of deeper thought, I was uninspired. I was undersleeping, keeping myself busy with trainings, with endless little projects, not enjoying the pressure of “having to write something, anything”. Excuses – get off of Facebook, Tina!

The only person who can change this is me :-)

So, yes, I’ve read some great books recently, seen some great movies, took part in some informative trainings, wrote pretty much (anything going from cover letters to summaries of classical novels), but most of all – I met (thanks to my book-club and to the trainings) some great people who proved that there are so many ways of life as human beings :-) thank you!

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